Sustainable Purchasing Policy

JG King Homes is an accredited HIA GreenSmart Professional and aims to increase energy efficiency, reduce water consumption, minimise waste and encourage better environmental management in our house plans.
JG King Homes is committed wherever possible to assessing the environmental, health & safety, quality, social and economic impacts of its purchasing decisions.

In considering environmental impact, we seek to purchase products that:
  • minimise greenhouse gas emissions
  • maximise sustainability
  • utilise recycled content in production
  • are recyclable at life end
  • minimise the use of water
  • minimise toxicity
  • are sourced from producers and/or suppliers with a proven record of environmental management and product stewardship

In considering social impact, we seek to work with suppliers who:
  • provide assurance that no form of abuse or exploitation is permitted within their supply chain
  • offer Fair Trade products, where appropriate
  • operate within the law - including environmental laws
  • follow guidelines, codes and standards of the appropriate authorities - including the EPA

JG King Homes will continue to seek ways to reduce the environmental impact of the products it uses.
Sustainable Purchasing Policy
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