Hi Paul,

It has been an enjoyable experience for me and family building our new house with JG King. Tom was our site supervisor and he has been fantastic in his work.

He is fast, decisive and always think of what we (the customer) wants and delivering exceptional results. Apart from that, I reckon the delivery team acts professionally and the build quality is excellent. With the end result that we have, I will highly recommended my friends and family to build with JG King.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your team a great Christmas and all the best in the coming year.

Best regards Alex and family Craigieburn

After building several homes with private builders it was with careful consideration that I approached the project of building my new home.

Apart from the desired plan and suitable costs it was Stephanie that helped me to decide to go with J G King Homes.

It was her very professional and competent ability . Soon after Stephanie left I met Michael he spent considerable time reorganizing my plans and nothing was too much trouble for him. ' I was having the dream run'

But it was the building process I was most apprehensive about... Having heard many very alarming stories about how many times supervisors were changed during the process

However when Tom Grant rang and introduced himself as my supervisor and consistently rang with updates I realised how very reliable competent and professional he was. I really thought it was too good to be true...

But I was fortunate enough to have him until the end. Thanks to Tom's good organising skills my house was not only finished on time but ahead of time. If I rang with a query he was very prompt and knowledgeably in assisting which was very much appreciated

My daughters and friends were suitably amazed at my J G King experience and were referring to Tom as my 'Super Supervisor'

I am very grateful for my JG King experience and have told people at every opportunity.

Thank you

Marlene A. McNamara

Hi Natalie

JG King has completed the construction of our modified Blackwood home in March this year.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to our supervisor, Tom.

He communicated with us frequently and was always keen to answer our queries. If there was any complaint from us, he would do his best to solve the problem. He was a pleasure to deal with. He always returned calls and did everything he could to fix any unsatisfied work.

My husband, Manuel Rodriguez, a teacher teaching Building & Construction and also an owner of a kitchen manufacturing business, found Tom very professional to deal with.

Once again, thanks Natalie for the wonderful job.

Warm regards,

Jessica Rodriguez

Dear Mr Pyrohiw

I write to advise of my good dealings with George since commencement of the building of our house.In all my dealings with George I found him to be pleasant, easy going and very helpful. If I was not familiar of certain building issues, he was extremely helpful and offered solutions to the problems. I was very grateful to have such a good and friendly supervisor, who was also accessible and practical in his approach to building matters.

During this period of construction I found George to be conscientious, efficient and excellent supervisor. I feel that he is a great asset to your company.

Yours sincerely Winfred Choon and Choy Kee Liew

We were referred by some friends who were happy with their build and because we had been dealing with another builder who were so so bad. It didn't seem hard for JG King to deliver what we wanted. It was a pleasure dealing with you.

The only thing we regret about building with JG King is that we did not start the process earlier. From the day we met with Matthew at Epping - after months of hold ups and frustrations with another builder, the process has been smooth sailing. We are amazed at the speed and efficiency of the build and we are thrilled with the result. All your staff have been fantastic.

Special mentions to Matthew (a great sales consultant), Denise who was responsive, quick, friendly, polite and helpful, Claire who took us through contracts, Susan who assisted with colours and to fabulous Nick on the project management. Many tradies commented that Nick was one of your best and we were lucky to have him. He was thorough, helpful and communicated well, the tradies would comment "he knows his stuff".

We had no trouble and have nothing but praise for your efforts. Well done and thanks.

Kerryn, David, Ashley and Lachlan Jones

Hi Joe, I work in a service industry and know how easy it seems to be for people to complain but not so easy for them to give credit for good work. So I am making sure I do write to acknowledge what a great job our supervisor, Nick, is doing. Initially our supervisor rarely answered his phone and never called back after a message was left. But he very quickly was replaced and I believe gone from JG King, so it does not matter now

Nick is the opposite. He almost always answers the phone and if busy he responds to messages promptly. He has great attention to detail and usually when I have seen something not quite right with the house and ring him, he already has seen it and taken corrective action. He has a great personality and is very easy to communicate with, which makes us, as a customer, feel a certain bond with him.

The drainers knocked over most of the pegs marking out the building site and Nick had some questions regarding remaining pegs. I was overseas so explained it to my wife and she met Nick on site. She was so impressed with his attention to detail with respect to accurately replacing the pegs and the end result was that the slab was exactly in the right position with the drains all within 20mm of where they should be. Very impressive.

To summarise, we are extremely happy and pleased dealing with Nick and he gives us great confidence that our finished house will be a well built final product. We do hope that Nick will be our supervisor through to completion. You have an excellent employee in Nick and he is a great representative for JGKing. We have lost many days sue to the rain or wind, but remain very happy with the fast pace that things seem to be happening with the house when the weather permits. Each time I go there, something new has been done. Thank you.

Best Regards Geoff and Beryl Lowe

Dear Natalie,

I would like to take the time to write to you advising my appreciation and commending Nicolaus my JG King construction supervisor for all his great work so far. His friendly approach and positive attitude makes him a delight to deal with

His extreme competence makes this process for me painless and stress free. Most people have told me that the construction part of the house process is a nightmare but I must say that I have nothing bad to say about the process to date and that is because Nic has been so professional. His attention to detail means I don't have to stress that something may be done incorrectly. His urgent attention to any of my questions or concerns is fantastic, he is always there explaining everything to me no matter how annoying I am and can be. The whole administration process started off a bit rough for me but since the construction and when Nic came along I have 100% in JG King as a builder and have recommended many friends that are building their first homes to build with JG King, lets just hope they too get Nic as their supervisor.

I always believe that a job well done deserves the recognition so thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Warm Regards,

Ashley Berlingeri

ps. I really think the boy deserves a pay rise!!

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