JG King Homes has pioneered the use of steel frames since 1985. As Victoria’s leading steel frame home builders we know steel strong homes offer higher quality and long-term value for our customers. It’s why we build all of our homes this way.

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straighter, stronger, better

A steel strong home is a better home

Steel frame homes are more durable and less likely to flex or warp than timber. Straighter walls mean your home always looks great and requires low maintenance – saving you money for decades. And if you don’t plan to live in it forever, our steel frames ensure your home stays in perfect condition for longer, helping you maximise your investment if you sell. Better for the environment, every standard home has a COLORBOND© roof and a TRUECORE© frame built from 100% recyclable steel in our Ballarat factory. And remember, steel doesn’t need to be treated with toxic chemicals against pests and fire, so your JG King home is safer for your family to live in.
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A steel frame home is in it for the long haul. Building a steel frame home is an investment for the future. We at JG King back it up with a 50 year structural warranty* that your home stands the test of time.

Whysteel 03 Solid

Steel can boast the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any current residential building material. This means your home and its foundations can stand up to stronger winds, fiercer storms, and even the occasional lightning strike.

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Termites, white ants, home-wrecking pests. Whatever you call them, they can be an absolute menace to many homes. Many timber-framed Victorian homes suffer termite damage that isn’t covered by insurance and repairs can cost well into the thousands. Just let these tiny troublemakers try and eat steel.

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Steel is non-combustible and retains its shape at much higher temperatures than timber can. Cap your home with a Colorbond roof, which is standard with all JG King homes, and the risk of fire drops dramatically.

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Our steel frame homes are made from 100% recyclable BlueScope steel, surpassing best environmental practices. Some timber frames are treated against pests and hazards with toxic chemicals--steel needs none of that.

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All of our steel frames are manufactured at our own factory, Steel Frame Solutions, in Ballarat. Our materials are produced by Truecore Steel, a wholly Australian BlueScope Steel product.